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Track medications, supplements, sleep, productivity, heart rate, exercise, and happiness from multiple wearables (FitBit, Garmin, RescueTime). See what’s working, what’s not, and whether you’re just pissing away money on supplements.


Medication and supplements can't work if you don't take them. Make your life better by never missing a dose. We'll handle the logging.

Ever wonder what medications you took last year? How much coffee you drank a year ago? Or much sleep you got last week? Now you can.

Your health and data belong to you. You can export all of your data. You can permanently delete your account and data at any time. Our code is open sourced to ensure this promise.

Optimize Your Health

A Real Time Snapshot of Your Health



Free and Simple

Access through your phone, tablet or computer. Mobile friendly with iOS and Android apps coming soon! BetterSelf is free, forever.

Best in class financial algorithms and tools applied to your health. See what your best days have in common.


We don't ask or store your name or email. Nobody has access to your data. Our databases are secured from years of best practices at global financial institutions. 

TL;DR—we (finance professionals) got frustrated at tracking supplements, so we made an app for us, by us.


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Open Sourced


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